8-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Fast Ethernet Switch

8-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Fast Ethernet Switch

SW-804 - 8-Port 10/100Mbps Desktop Fast Ethernet Switch - Planet

With concepts of "Easy to Install and use", "Compact-sized design", and "Simple troubleshooting", PLANET SW-804 provides cost-conscious business and home users with the foundation of an integrated system of small-office / home-office networking. The SW-804 is the fancy-shape plastic models and just right for your network of 10 to 50 users.

The SW-804 Desktop Fast Ethernet Switch is simple, cost-effective and offers high reliable network . And it is the ideal device for bridging Ethernet to Fast Ethernet workgroups or networks. Therefore, the PLANET SW-804 switch will be recognized as one of the most important building blocks for today networking technology.

To segment the network and ease the network traffic, the 8-Port 10/100Mbps is useful for the SOHO switched networks as the friendly network backbone. With providing array LED indicators, the network status can be monitored at a glance.

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